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Farm life at the Beimsteinhof

Don't forget your barn boots!

Our farm specializes in milk production and is home to about 20 milk cows and lots of young calves. Keeping our meadows and woods in as naturally pristine a state as possible is therefore a big issue for us. Nowhere else will you be so close to nature and the source of healthy nutrition.

Farmer Ignaz will be glad of any help, because with cows, calves, hens, rabbits, guinea pigs and cats, there is always plenty that needs to be done. Come and visit our barn!

Let your children do what children do and discover the fun of farm life together! There is always something to see and to do! We will be glad of your help, because many hands make the work go faster!

Wander over lovely alms, discover the depths of the woods with your children and spy a timid deer or a swift fox.

Fun for kids

There is a children's playground right in front of your apartment and baby toys as well.

The new common room and games room are comfortable, nviting places to spend time together.